A Narrative History of the Wimble Clan,

Their Relations, and

First Edition Their Friends December 25, 1990

This is the first of what I hope will be many editions of a written history of the Wimbles. I hope that generations from now, our children's children will look forward to reading about the lives of their ancestors, to get that sense of connectivity with the past; to understand where they cam from. Each year, I hope everyone will try to send one or more stories incorporating one or more of the following: stories relating events of the past year, stories relating events from the past, and stories about other members of the family, either from the past or present. I will publish these chronicles as often as material allows. Initially, I would hope that you would send material every month or two so that I can publish 2 to 4 editions this next year. After that, perhaps only a single edition a year will b published. Perhaps everyone will look forward at Christmas time to receiving the latest edition, to see their own stories in print and to see what stories others have to tell. For now, you should send your stories to me at the following address. [omitted]

I will act as editor for this chronicle. As technology changes, this chronicle may incorporate other features. For instance, you may want to send your stories to me on audio tape. I will transcribe the stories as best I can for this written account, but at some point in the future we may produce a compact disk recording of these vocal accounts. Thus we may hear voices from the past, as well as read their accounts. I will, from time to time, attempt to incorporate images into these chronicles. This edition, for instance, will have images of the handwriting used to submit these stories.

I have taken the liberty, in this edition, of attempting to correct obvious misspellings and obvious grammatical errors in the submissions. Occasionally, I may publish the story exactly as sent, particularly where I feel it adds character to the story.

In the stories that follow, particularly my own, remember that these are often recollections from the past. People don't always remember things correctly, and two people observing the same event may see it differently. I hope, in fact, that those who remember a different version of a possibly embarrassing incident will take the opportunity to provide their own version of the story. Each edition of these chronicles should feel free to reference previous editions.

This first edition, then, contains three submissions. One from myself, mostly recalling a few more or less unconnected events from my childhood. One from my father, Richard C. Wimble, recalling an experience from his service in World War II. The handwriting image for that story is actually that of my mother, Lillian M. Wimble. And one from my younger sister, Susan Morgan.

Here then begins the tale.

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