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Monday, September 17, 2001

Six days since the terrorist attack and it's time to start thinking about the vacation. I don't even know if the airline will be flying on Saturday. It's kind of hard to get motivated to look forward to the trip.

We have several books on Kauai'i. We've made reservations for a helicopter ride and a tour of the Botanical Gardens. We've got plans for attending some of the music festival events (that's the reason we choose the days we did so many months ago when we made the plans). We hope to do a lot of hiking. What we don't plan on doing is vegging in the sun.

Of course, taking Kathy out in public may be problematic. She bruises easily, and has been moving boxes in a rental storage area of her office. Her company was bought yet again, and all of the files that were in this storage area have to be refiled in a very specific kind of box that is the only one accepted by the new storage facility. After lifting about 150 boxes several times, opening, refiling, and closing them, all in a small space which is cluttered with all sorts of interesting other junk with sharp edges, such as doors and a telephone switch, she is covered like an American flag in red, white, and blue. I wonder what the people will think tomorrow when she goes to her fencing class.